I’m Still Here Review


I don’t even know where to begin reviewing a film as vile and pointless as I’m Still Here, the “documentary” that follows actor Joaquin Phoenix’s “retirement” from acting and the beginning stages of his hip-hop “career.” I could decry it for its whiny star and his Jackass-lite antics. I could bitch about his hypocrisy and self-righteousness and talk about how I haven’t watched a more insufferable character on film in my entire life. I could complain further about the artifice of it all and the fact that Phoenix seems to be the only one not aware that we all know he’s full of shit (which director Casey Affleck has freely admitted).

Or I could just tell you to not watch it.

This film doesn’t deserve the words I accord my other reviews. I didn’t enjoy a second of it, and the sooner I stop writing about it, the faster (I hope) it escapes my memory forever.

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