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Tribeca 2014: ‘Manos Sucias’


I managed to catch up with the Spike Lee-produced Manos Sucias before the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival began. Once the credits started rolling, I thought that if I didn’t see a film as good as this, it’d still be a pretty successful festival. It’s equal parts an outstanding character piece and a wonderfully entertaining and tense thriller.

This late in the festival, I should say Manos Sucias is no longer my favorite Tribeca title. (Two films are clearly worthy of four stars, while this one comes in around three and a half.) That said, it took home the Best New Narrative Director award at the festival, and it’s most definitely a film you’ll want to keep an eye out for once it gains a distributor.

Click on over to Sound on Sight for my Manos Sucias review. And stay tuned for more Tribeca 2014 coverage.

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