5 Essential 30 for 30 Documentaries


Over at Sound on Sight, I wrote a piece on the best of ESPN’s incredible 30 for 30 series of sports documentaries in honor of March Madness and the debut of its latest film, Requiem for the Big East. I still have caught up with Requiem, but I did watch a lot of films in the series for the first time in preparation for the Sound on Sight piece. I had limited myself originally to only those films that are available to stream for free on Netflix, and unfortunately, it was published before I realized the entire group of them could be streamed instantly. It was a foolish error that prevented me from including exceptional titles like June 17, 1994 and The Fab 5, but I guess it made room for two great films I might not have talked about otherwise, so no harm done.

Anyway, give the piece—5 Essential “30 for 30” Docs—a look over at Sound on Sight, and let me know: what are you favorite 30 for 30s?

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