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It’s the Pictures Podcast: Episode 3


Spoilers abound when John and Max go deep on their favorite movies with ambiguous endings in the third episode of It’s the Pictures, but there’s nothing ambiguous about this episode’s conclusion as Max discusses his love for Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special.

Listen to the episode over at our libsyn feed. (We’ll be in iTunes soon!)

Intro Music: “Dream Is Collapsing” composed by Hans Zimmer for the original score of Inception
1:10: News: Indiana Jones Is Back!
7:45: Main Topic: The Best and Worst Ambiguous Endings in Movies

  • The Graduate (8:00)
  • No Country for Old Men (16:50)
  • Lost in Translation (24:30)
  • A.I. (29:00)
  • Inception (33:00)
  • Movies That Should Have Had Ambiguous Endings (43:00)
  • Post-Credit Sequences (46:30)

51:00: Films Watched Lately / Midnight Special (Max), The Program (John)
Outro Music: “Mrs. Robinson” by Simon & Garfunkel

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