Ranking the 2013 Oscar Nominees


It’s become an annual tradition for me to rip off In Contention’s annual tradition of ranking the Oscar nominees from best to worst. I did it in 2011. I did it in 2012. See my 2013 rankings below.

But first, a list of the films I regrettably haven’t caught up with yet: Mirror Mirror, Chasing Ice, Ted, The Gatekeepers, War Witch, No, A Royal Affair, Kon-Tiki

1.) Beasts of the Southern Wild
2.) Zero Dark Thirty
3.) Silver Linings Playbook
4.) Django Unchained
5.) Searching for Sugar Man
6.) Moonrise Kingdom
7.) The Invisible War
8.) Skyfall
9.) Life of Pi
10.) Amour
11.) Argo
12.) Wreck-It Ralph
13.) How to Survive a Plague
14.) 5 Broken Cameras
15.) The Master
16.) The Impossible
17.) Flight
18.) Les Miserables
19.) Frankenweenie
20.) Lincoln
21.) Prometheus
22.) ParaNorman
23.) The Sessions
24.) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
25.) Brave
26.) The Avengers
27.) The Pirates! Band of Misfits
28.) Hitchcock
29.) Snow White and the Huntsman
30.) Anna Karenina

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