The Worst DVD Cover Ever?


I’m rather excited to catch up with Sally Potter’s Ginger & Rosa. I’m told it features a great Elle Fanning performance (absolutely no surprise there), and some pretty terrific cinematography from Robbie Ryan.

But please, is this not the worst DVD cover you’ve ever seen? Absolutely nothing draws me to it (except, perhaps, it’s epic awfulness). Nondescript doesn’t even begin to describe this. If I knew nothing about the film and looked at this, all I’d know are that there are people in it and maybe one of them is named Ginger, another Rosa. Their faces are blank. The scene behind them is extremely vague. I get that sexual revolution during the Cuban Missile Crisis isn’t easily marketable, but why even bother putting this product out if you aren’t going to make an effort?

So what do you think? Is this the worst DVD cover ever? Or am I blowing it out of proportion? And if so, what’s worse?

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