John and Maxwell: Survivor Talk, Episode 1


We interrupt your regularly scheduled film content for a special Survivor bulletin.

Hello, world! I’ve got a treat today for a few of you. Every week for the foreseeable future, I’ll be bringing you a new episode of John and Maxwell: Survivor Talk, a new podcast about arguably the best show on television.

My co-host is the great Maxwell Haddad (@cinemaxwell), and we had a really fun time recapping episode four of Survivor: Cambodia. Give it a listen if you’re caught up on the season. And if you’re not, go do that (it’s terrific) and come back to listen. When you do, let us know what you think (of the season and the podcast).

We’ll be back with more around this time next week. Enjoy!

Intro track: “Ancient Voices Survivor 20” by Russ Landau
Exit track: “March to Tribal” by Russ Landau & Steve Rucker

Survivor Talk
Survivor Talk
John and Maxwell: Survivor Talk, Episode 1

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